Why Garden Design?!

Growing up in the 1950’s in a small Northeast Texas town, I often played among bearded iris and beside a rock lily pond in my Granny Simms’ garden. In my childhood memory, it was a magical place!  I still look at it in faded photographs and realize the impact of her creation. Like a thread, weaving through my life, that garden has inspired me to nurture- to be fulfilled by growing things.

Dedicated to:

Minnie Esther Robinson Simms & Beatrice Lanier Gattis

Great ladies that inspired my love of gardens, home & life…


Some call it natural gardening.  Others describe it as sustainable, ecological, or regional. 

A natural approach to landscape design and maintenance conserves water and energy, protects wildlands,

limits green waste, and provides habitat for wildlife.  At the same time, it requires less upkeep than traditional

landscapes, and it connects the gardener- and those who live, work, or play in the garden- to the rhythms of life:

the seasons, the weather, and the daily miracles of the natural world.

 *Native & Drought-Tolerant Planting Plans

               *Site Planning: Landscape & Hardscape Elements                   
                                                                                                       *Lawn Alternatives                                     
    *LEED- Sustainable Sites
                                                   *’Going Native’- Conversion Planning
*Firewise Planting Concepts    
                     *Healing Gardens

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